About us.

About us

Extensive services at you dispense

In our focus on Dedicated Server in the Netherlands to websites, we build hosting solutions suited to the needs of our clients. Our technical support and customer experience exceed your expectations. The Company's mission is to enable people around the world to harness the power of the web and create, learn, and grow through it.

Our story

In recent years, businesses and online services have begun to conduct most of their operations online. Companies need to deal with increasingly complex requirements, and it is challenging to meet their needs with a single solution or skill. So, we came up with an extensive set of services in an indispensable platform to cater to the numerous demands of all the online platforms.


What’s Our Customer

In just a few minutes, Company resolved my website's technical problems. I switched service providers effortlessly with Ray price, and now I'm delighted with their service.

Cindy Crawford
CMO - Zync

Over the last six years, I've used 100TB Hosting, and I've been pleased with their service, responsiveness, knowledgeable support, and whole attitude towards their customers.

Teddy Williams
CEO - Apex

The manipulate panel makes it smooth to operate my blog and by no means gives me any issues. Thanks for the exquisite carrier.

Project Manager

They offer competent services at an affordable price. Ray price support is highly recommended. 

Rashed kabir

Whenever I encounter a problem on one of my three business websites, 100TB Bandwidth Hosting responds quickly. I've been delighted with their service.

Zubayer hasan

These companies allow companies, organizations, and individuals to post their websites on the internet. They provide the services, mechanics, and other elements necessary to make websites online and accessible.

To determine the best plan for your website, you must decide what kind of project or website you are building. Estimate the volume of traffic you anticipate.

A web server is essential to running a website online. There are numerous web hosting plans, each one tailored to address your individual needs. Ensure your site works efficiently with a server and succeed in your online endeavours.

You may also need to improve your web hosting plan relying on the number of websites you use, the successful blogs you run, or the size of your enterprise. You may choose VPS or shared hosting at the beginning. You can upgrade to dedicated hosting later as your needs evolve.

A professional website often has hundreds of GBs of data storage. You can compare hosting plans based on disk space, but you need to consider other features too. It is advisable to purchase a comprehensive hosting package.

Whenever possible, unmetered bandwidth servers are used to ensure adequate bandwidth. It is because any traffic can be handled.

Your first step to getting started with our web hosting service is to select your hosting solution; if this is the first time you have hosted a website, no concerns! Our web hosting service is packed with multiple technologies and tools to make your website hosting experience as easy as possible.

All of our internet hosting plans include FREE electronic mail hosting. The handiest exception is our Shared Web Hosting plan.