How to Get Free Amazon Prime Account 2019 Updated

How to Get Free Amazon Prime Account 2019 Updated

Amazon is one of the most popular online stores in the whole world. Amazon continuously improves its services and features to level up the customers shopping experience. Amazon Prime is the service that provides 2-day shipping for all the orders. Moreover, Amazon prime also offers many other benefits like a lending library in Kindle and Prime Video. Let us learn How to get free Amazon Prime Account 2019?

How to Get Free Amazon Prime Account 2019

The Amazon Prime charges $119 per year for membership. There is good news for anyone, the free account for Prime membership is now available. Let us see how to get free Amazon Prime account 2019? The Prime Account allows you to enjoy the features and extras of Amazon Prime without paying.

How to Get Free Amazon Prime Account 2019

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Do you want one? Read the full article and know how to get Amazon Prime Account Freely.

How to Get Free Amazon Prime Account 2019: Benefits

Amazon Prime has lots of features and services that every customer will do anything to get it. Before we see the benefits, you need to know what Amazon Prime really is. Amazon Prime is a paid service which charges $119 per year. In this, you are eligible for distinct advantages which will not be used by the regular member.

1. Free 2-day shipping

Free 2-day shipping is the best feature offered by Prime. It approves free 2-day shipping for any items in the United States. For some ZIP codes, it also enables free same-day delivery. This type of service brings advantages especially if you urgently need an item.

2. Prime Pantry

If you never heard about this, note that Prime Pantry allows the members to access low-priced groceries, household, and pet care stuff. The membership allows you to save a lot of money with annual payment.

The Prime Pantry charges $4.99 per month. Once you join the service, you will be eligible for unlimited free shipping for each order which is more than $40.

3. Deals and discounts

For the baby registry, Amazon Prime provides amazing deals. It includes a 20% discount for diapers and other baby products. Not only that, buying whole food with Rewards Visa Card allows you to get 5 percent cash back. They provide 2-hour deliveries for whole foods via Prime Now service. And the delivery is available in eligible cities.

How to Get Free Amazon Prime Account 2019

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 4. Kindle First

If you are a books lover, then you must know How to get free Amazon Prime Account 2019. It enables you to get access to download a new book every month for free. Just imagine how exciting to wait for a new book release is?

How to Get Free Amazon Prime Account 2019: Methods

Here are some available methods to try:

1. 30-day free trial

To start a 30-day free trial, you need to figure out whether you are eligible for the trial or not. If you have a regular Amazon account, Sign in and visit Prime Membership landing page. There check if there is a button “Start your 30-day free trial”. If you see that option, you are eligible and just click the button to sign up. If you see “Get Started”, this means you can enjoy Amazon Prime features temporarily.

Prime Student with the 6-month free trial

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