Ways To Create Gmail Account without Phone Number 2019 Updated

Ways To Create Gmail Account without Phone Number

As technology has increased a lot these days, it is not difficult to send or receive messages like before. Even the mailing activities are not as complicated as before. Earlier we need to wait for days, and months just to get one news. But now everything is changed, and we get it in just seconds. You can send an email and do all the things. In the cyber society, the email has played an important role in real life. Where in almost every method we need an email account. The registration method requires other personal data like confirmation tool and mobile number. This time, we are going to tell you how to create a Gmail account without a Phone number.

Like every time you create a Gmail account you need a mobile number, but we will tell you how can you create without the phone number. Before we see the trick, first let us see what is Gmail? Gmail stands for Google Mail, an email service which is developed by Google. Gmail plays an important role because all the synchronization is done through Gmail approval.

To reduce the risk of losing your an email, and the strength to the protective layer of email, you require the input of some additional information related to you.

How to Create Gmail Account without Phone Number 2019

Create Gmail Account without Phone Number

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The Easiest Ways on How to Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number 2019

When you see “telephone number verification”, one thing comes in our mind is about privacy. Some of them does not want to share their phone numbers with online companies. Luckily, you can skip the phone number verification on Gmail in a few steps. So, check out how to create Gmail without the phone number.

Method 1. Registering Gmail via Android devices

As we explained, Android is a foster child of Google, so Google’s trust in the OS is capable of being used to bypass several security protocols. One of the protocol is verifying phone numbers. The best way to avoid verifying phone number is simple:

  • You must first delete all Google accounts in your smartphone.

You don’t need to delete all the Gmail accounts, you just need to log out from all the Gmail accounts so you can register a new email.

  • Start registering a new email

Once you complete deleting old Gmail, you can proceed to the next stage, the email registration stage. If you finished deleting another Gmail, it won’t ask you to enter a phone number. Gmail does not record mobile number automatically as they don’t have access to all your contacts.

Ways To Create Gmail Account without Phone Number 2019

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Method 2. Using a random phone number generator

This is another method to create a Gmail account without phone number 2019. Still, Google has not implemented two-way authentication, so the personal data which you input into Gmail does not get contacted again. Most of the phone numbers on the Gmail account are not genuine phone numbers.

This method can be a dangerous one as you don’t provide valid data on Gmail. On the other side, being dangerous if you caught by Google, that you are using fake Phone number then also it is dangerous as many people who don’t know or can’t reply to emails because they can contact you.

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